​Greenstone Materials recycles concrete, cinder block, brick, asphalt and stone sourced from the demolition of buildings, bridges, parking lots, roads, sidewalks, swimming pools, and other concrete structures.  Unfortunately, this demolition waste is typically dumped into embankments or landfills.  At Greenstone, these materials are sorted and crushed into various sizes that can be used as an aggregate in place of gravel. Recycled concrete aggregate (RCA) is one of the few things that requires less energy and resources to recycle than to create the original product. Additionally, RCA does not lose any of its original properties; in fact, because it contains unhydrated cement, RCA is often stronger than its original state.

Our recycled stone products come in various sizes for all your residential and commercial needs, including #3’s, #5’s, #21’s, concrete dust, Bluestone rock mix, and RAP (recycled asphalt product).  We also offer top soil and fill dirt.  From driveways to roadways, swimming pools to parking lots, retaining walls to pipe bedding to base for concrete pads, let Greenstone Materials help you with your next project.

Need a place to bring your demolition waste?  We accept concrete, cinder block, brick, asphalt, brush, dirt and stumps for disposal.  We also offer dump truck hauling services for residential and commercial projects.